Ever look through your closet and think – “I need to get rid of some of these clothes.” No? Well us neither! Some things you just can’t part with because you know if you got rid of it, you’ll regret it. We just love to savor the memory of a great piece of clothing, even if we never wear it. Our wardrobe collection is pretty much a reflection of our life and experiences.


We are that shirt you dream about at night – you know the one that haunts you because you just can’t live without it. It’s your newest obsession. It gives you life and breathes energy into your spirit. We are the first place that comes to mind when you’re looking for that stand out piece that everyone will compliment and ask “where’d you get that?”


We love what we do. If you’re happy, then we’re happy. Our goal is to make you look good and even flex a little on occasion. 3am garners inspiration from street fashion, music and high-end luxury designers to craft a line of impeccably modern, trendy styles, fits, and designs. Great clothing shouldn’t mean sacrificing your necessities, so we keep this in mind when it comes to designing for you.


Our process starts with you in mind. We focus on the things that moves you and us – and that could be a range of things. Whether it’s music, celebrity or pop culture influence, the end product is always bold and unparalleled. We collaborate with manufacturers and suppliers that are highly skilled and produce clothing that are excellent quality and affordable.