RBG Gaming Mousepad


READY TO SHIP ON or BEFORE December 05, 2022

• Measures 9×7 inches
• Smooth surface for effortless gliding; 3mm thick neoprene
• Stitched edges for durable finish + non-slip rubber base


I asked for an expedited arrival to ensure it got here in time for my boyfriend’s birthday and I got it 5 days early. Excellent customer service! It’s great quality. Both my boyfriend and I love it. It’s very tempting to get one for myself as well. Highly recommended for someone who is into shoes and likes showcasing it around the house.

6 months ago

very good quality! not long shipping either

6 months ago


7 months ago

Use warm water and dish soap to clean spots off your pad. It’s not necessary to soak the whole pad. For hard-to-clean spots use a soft-bristled brush.

We do not mass-produce any of our homeware collections, but operate a small batch process system. This means that all our items are made with that bit more care and love – and you can see that in the finished item.
Designed and printed in the USA with eco-friendly, water-based dyes that do not fade.

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