Worth the Weight Shower Curtain + Mat Bath Set


Ready to ship on or before May 31, 2022

✚ Set includes one shower curtain [74×71″] + one bath mat [34×21″]


HANDMADE TO ORDER We have dedicated, experienced, and passionate makers right here in the USA.
BUILT TO LAST Perfect for family environments. We’ve chosen our material options with durability in mind.
ECO-FRIENDLY To contribute to green living, water-based dyes are used that are not harmful to the environment.
QUICK DELIVERY After production, we quickly ship your order and you can receive it in as little as 2-3 days.

Worth the Weight Hypebeast Decor

Shower Curtain: Extremely robust and long-lasting, constructed with water resistant polyester; and features 12 surge reinforced button hole eyelets. Individually cut and sewn with single sided print. Easy to clean with minimal effort, spot clean with mild soap or detergent or wash on gentle cycle and hang to dry.
Bath Mat: Produced with premium 100% microfiber for proven wear-stain-and-shed-free performance; as well as anti-slip PVC base for optimum skid resistance. Carefree maintenance, easy to clean with minimal effort, this plush mat is great for your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere in the house. Spot clean with mild soap/detergent or machine was cold.

We do not mass-produce any of our homeware collections, but operate a small batch process system. This means that all our items are made with that bit more care and love – and you can see that in the finished item.

Designed and printed in the USA with eco-friendly, water-based dyes that do not fade.

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